Imaginary Future


Imaginary Future is singer-songwriter Jesse Epstein. 

Here's what happened. 

Jesse married his high school sweetheart of eleven years, fellow musician Kina Grannis.

Up until this point, he had written a bunch of sad, slow songs. But something changed. The wedding was the culmination of so many years, an exhilarating marker of happiness and progress.  In the months surrounding the occasion, Jesse reflected on how far he and Kina had come.  She had shaped him. She had changed him. She had pushed him to become a better person every day. He owed everything to her and he needed to express that.

And thus came Sunlight, his new album, a love letter to his new wife. He had barely written a happy song in his life, and here, all of a sudden, was an album of pure joy. Eleven love songs, one for each year of their relationship.